The manufacturers that we represent make a great effort to improve the quality of their products, which undergo a series of thorough inspections before being shipped. If for any reason these products somehow have a problem, please contact us by sending an RMA request.

The products have a 12 month warranty (6 months for the batteries) for manufacturing defects and/or defective parts from purchase date, so these manufacturers are responsible for solving the problems, offering free repair service or sending replacement parts to correct problems (not including problems caused by abusive behavior, misuse, neglect or accident as well as use in wet conditions, dropped, etc.):

  • – Spare parts will be sent by regular mail with assembly instructions.
  • – Defective accessories will always be exchanged for ones that are the same or equivalent in performance and reliability.
  • – If it is not possible to replace parts, the equipment will be collected or sent by customers for repair at an appropriate place and under the responsibility of the manufacturers.

The Warranty is available to the original purchaser only and is not transferable to any third party. Always keep your proof of purchase, as well as the original packaging and everything inside.
Scooters purchased from unauthorized dealer websites, used or second-hand, are not covered by the warranty.




  1. The product was not sold by us or, as we are an official store.
  2. The product has been modified or repaired by unauthorized technicians and/or using defective, modified or non-original equipment/accessories.
  3. The product has suffered accidents or damage caused by external factors, weather conditions or any other similar events.
  4. Faults are caused by dirt, impurities, water, foreign bodies, etc., when applicable.
  5. The product has been used in the rain and/or driven in water.
  6. Serial number/codes/identification marks of products or parts, etc., which are erased/unreadable, marking or embossing worked, made for various purposes, spare parts or original parts visibly altered, mechanical shock, thermal or other fractures, cracks , etc.
  7. Damage and defects due to improper handling and transport by the buyer.
  8. Changes in the original condition of the product due to natural influences (corrosion, condensation, etc.) due to inadequate storage conditions.
  9. The product has not been used in accordance with the conditions in the user manual. Product failures are caused by vandalism or similar causes.
  10. The warranty period has expired.


We reserve the right to evaluate all warranty claims and determine whether defects or damage are covered by this limited warranty. In the event that a claim is submitted, but it is determined not to be covered by this warranty, we will provide a quote for the repair costs and return shipping costs to the customer.


  •  – Manufacturers reserve the right to update model designs or replace models with graphics and/or color changes. Product replacements are subject to item availability. If an exact replacement is not available, the respective brand reserves the right to use refurbished/comparable value components and products to satisfy any warranty claim.
  • – Use of these products is at the customer’s own risk, who will be solely responsible for any loss or damage resulting therefrom, including loss of life or personal injury of any kind.
  • – The Customer agrees and declares that he is purchasing products for his own use and not for resale.